Pressure switches are a must have for any system that relies on maintaining optimum pressure. They come in different shapes and sizes, with each type having its own advantages. Bourdon tube, piston diaphragm or membrane based – the switch you choose depends on your specific application! When the process fluid’s pressure reaches a certain threshold or setpoint pre-set by you, these helpful devices will click into action. Take air compressors as an example: when the tank has reached enough air pressure, they’ll turn off to safeguard against over pressurization; while if it goes down requiring more massaging of molecules – bingo! The compressor turns back on right away!

Pressure switch comprise components such as diaphragms, springs, levers, electrical contacts and terminals – all working together to detect pressures. Meanwhile Pressure Transducers convert this pressure into an electrical output signal that can prove immensely useful.

Types of pressure switches

If you’re looking for a reliable way to manage pressure in your system, then mechanical pressure switches are the perfect solution! They use springs and pistons to accurately gauge when to trigger an electric contact. With this type of switch, you can make sure that voltage or amperage stay at safe levels – plus they reset automatically after any drops in pressure. So why not add some extra peace of mind with one (or more) mechanical pressure switches?

Electronic pressure switches are incredible pieces of technology, packed with all the goodness that anyone could need in precision measurement. They boast greater accuracy than traditional mechanical models and benefit from less contact wear due to their electronic construction. This makes them perfect for jobs where thousands of switching cycles may be required – like powering up engines or controlling water flow – plus they’re a breeze to operate!


From ensuring your HVAC is running properly to warning you when the oil pressure of your engine dips, pressure switches are a versatile and essential tool for all kinds of domestic and commercial operations! They provide users with an easy way to monitor vital functions in their systems so that they can ensure everything’s working at its best.

All types of furnaces have a pressure switch to make sure they stay safe during start-up. The same is true for well pumps – residential, commercial and agricultural – that need to keep water flowing at the right amount of pressure. Finally, vacuum systems get an added boost from their own special type switches which are used in components like boilers, electric heaters, air compressors & transmission systems!

How do pressure switch work?

With the help of a pressure switch, you can monitor and control air or gas pressures in various applications. It is essentially an automated measure that senses changes based on spring tension due to diaphragm pressure – if it reaches its present level, then contacts are either opened (in NC switches) or closed (NO one’s).

Pressure switches are a versatile tool to have at your disposal. They not only provide you with the ability to monitor pressure and make sure everything is running smoothly, but can also let you know if something isn’t going according to plan. While it is important to remember to take safety precautions when dealing with pressure systems, these switches offer a valuable resource for monitoring and ensuring that everything is in its place. And don’t forget that pressure switches can also help lower your operating costs by helping reduce energy consumption. With their wide range of applications and low costs, it’s no wonder pressure switches continue to remain an essential tool in many industrial environments today. In short, they are reliable, cost effective, and make our lives much easier!

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