More often than not, accidental injuries leave people with permanent damage. However, nothing is worse than getting injured on the job. Because the immediate impact is such, people often have a hard time processing the next few steps. Talking to an Orlando workers compensation Attorney will help understand what to do next following the injury. The good news is most law firms with positive reviews offer no-obligation consultations, which allows workers to seek legal help in time. In this post, let’s talk about the steps you need to follow after a work injury in Orlando.

See a doctor

Even if you think that your injury is a small one and not something to be worried about, you should talk to a doctor. Also, there are injuries that are not always visible and can only get worse with time. Let the doctor know that you were injured at work, and make sure to keep a file with all records of the treatments, medications, and therapies. If you had prior injuries, always report and mention the same to the doctor during the first visit, or else the insurance company will do their best to prove that you committed fraud and have tried to mislead them.

Report the injury

You are required to report the workplace incident to your employer, and you should do so without any further delay. You can report the injury to your immediate supervisor or the HR department. Make sure that you do that with utmost care and with all details. While you can do this within 30 days, it is best not to delay as that could impact your claim.

Collect evidence

If your health conditions allow, try to gather information about the accident. If the accident happened because of the working conditions, try taking photos of the scene. Let’s say that you were injured on the job because you tripped on loose wires on the floor. You need to capture images which would be relevant to the claim. Sometimes, even colleagues and coworkers take photos and videos of the accident scene, which can come in handy. Having said that, you should always prioritize your medical care over everything else.

Maintain all records

Depending on the nature of the injury, you could be entitled to Workers’ Compensation benefits, and that means that you could recover medical bills and lost wages. Make sure that you keep records of all the expenses that you have incurred, including the cost of surgeries, therapy expenses, and medications. Take these records from the doctor or the healthcare facility in time.

Finally, contact a workers’ compensation attorney without delay.

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