How Australias Auto Trade Fell Apart

Aftermarket parts for off-road automobiles and SUV’s have excellent potential in Saudi Arabia. To be successful, producers must present full support for sellers by method of advertising, gross sales, and customer support, and coaching. However, as a result of prevailing economic uncertainties and tight liquidity available in the market lately, new automobile sales had been reported to be down by over 20 p.c in 2017, as was the case in 2016. In addition, the introduction of necessary five-percent VAT in January 2018 appeared to have been a deterrent to new car sales as customers adapt to the new tax legal guidelines. Cash-for- clunkers programmes may be an efficient approach if they’re designed to support the uptake of more environment friendly (e.g. hybrid) and electric automobiles.

  • Fed up with subsidizing companies that might by no means develop to succeed, the Australian government called their bluff.
  • As linked and autonomous autos increasingly